• Available in three modules; FX module for OutBack inverters, MX module for OutBack charge controllers, and DC module for OutBack FLEXnet DC battery monitor.
  • Available in two levels; Standard and Professional (professional adds improved data logging and the ability to send system health messages via email).
  • Uses WinVerter Data Reader for graphing (free with the purchase of WinVerter Monitor OB Pro).
  • Requires the OutBack MATE1 or MATE2
  • PRODUCTS - for OutBack Power
    rhe002007.jpg rhe002006.jpg
    WinVerter Monitor OB - Windows PC software for displaying and logging real-time power data. Compatible with any OutBack system that uses the MATE1 or MATE2 control panel.
    NOTE: All of these software products are Windows PC based, and require that the host PC have an RS-232 Serial Com Port.
    Other Products for OutBack:
    Mate Adapterneeded for PCs using add-on USB or Ethernet Serial Converters.
    WinVerter Site Monitor MX - software for monitoring multiple OutBack sites for applications such as telecom.
    WinVerter OPC Monitor - software for industrial and lab environments which use Open Process Control (OPC)
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